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Every year the Freshmen Weekend is THE event to meet your fellow freshmen students. To give you a good first impression of the Freshmen Weekend we have put up a lot of photos and an aftermovie to show you how awesome the Freshmen Weekend is!

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What others say about the Freshmen Weekend

“Hey, I’m Julius, a first year bachelor Aerospace Engineering student. I’m 18 years old and grew up in Loosdrecht, a small town in Noord-Holland in the middle of the Netherlands and moved to Delft just before the start of my study. I am an active member of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, where I’m part of a committee for first-year students that organises different social and sports activities for all the members of the VSV. The first VSV event that I joined was the Freshmen Weekend, where I met a lot of new people and made new friends. It was a great introduction to the student life in Delft and to the study association the VSV. There were fun bonding activities during the day and awesome parties at night. Personally I really liked meeting a lot of fellow students and making new friends before my study even started and I couldn’t wait to start !” – Julius Caron, First Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

“Hi! I’m Zee and I come from Madrid, Spain. The Freshmen Weekend is the perfect way to motivate you more in your study choice and get to know new people who will be your friends for the rest of the year and with whom you will party a lot. As a person who has a Spanish cultural background I really liked to know all these “strange” drinking games as well as the Aerospace/VSV related traditions that you will enjoy for sure. Although I have to admit that the “Matrix” with the hangover of the previous night is the worst part, it’s a very fun experience. If you are international like me don’t worry at all! If you don’t speak Dutch, everyone will speak in English, and Dutch people really like talking with internationals. Be prepared to drink litres of beer at all time and have fun.” – Zee Marquez, First Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

“Hey, I’m Kim Regnery and I’m from The Hague, the Netherlands. Last year (2017) I went to the Freshmen Weekend in Breda. It was such a nice and unique experience. I had already heard a lot of stories about ‘the student life’ but at the beginning of the weekend I did not even know the difference between a ‘student association’ and an ‘association of the faculty’ (probably because the words are so similar in Dutch: studenten vereninging and studie vereniging). Well, I can say that all changed in those four days. You learn so much about your new study and all kinds of traditions from the VSV (association of the faculty Aerospace Engineering). You get really hyped about all things regarding planes and space which gave me a great start in the academic year. Not only this, you meet so many new people and also learn a new language full of student terms of which ‘Vo is of course really important because this is short for ‘bravo’.

To sum things up: I had a great time and would definitely encourage all new students to join the next Freshman weekend of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ ‘Vo ;)” – Kim Regnery , First Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

“Hey everyone, my name is Yara, I am 18 years old (17 during the Freshmen Weekend 2017) and I’m from the south of the Netherlands. I absolutely loved the Freshmen Weekend. It was a great opportunity to meet my fellow students to be. Also, we really got to know the VSV and all the people associated with that. It was a great start of the year and I would advise everyone to be a part of it!” – Yara Hinssen, First Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

Carmen is an international student who joined the Freshmen Weekend two years ago as a freshman and last year she joined it again as a mentor. In the following link you can find her blog with in it her impression of the weekend: