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Every year the Freshmen Weekend is THE event to meet your fellow freshmen students. To give you a good first impression of the Freshmen Weekend we have put up a lot of photos and an aftermovie to show you how awesome the Freshmen Weekend is!

© Alper Kenger

Carmen is an international student who joined the freshmen weekend last year as a freshmen. This year she is joining again but now as a mentor. In the following link you can find her blog with in it her impression of the weekend: :

What others have to say about the Freshmen Weekend:

I’ve met so many different people during the Freshmen’s weekend, that I haven’t had a project group yet with people that I do not know. The Freshmen’s weekend is the easiest, fastest and most fun way to meet people studying Aerospace Engineering and it makes sure you have a flying start with the only real study in Delft, AE. Next to this amazing start you make a lot of new friends and contacts and you get to see things beyond your imagination. In other words: You can not miss the Freshmen’s weekend!!!” – Mitchell Borst, Second Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

The Freshmen weekend is a weekend you can not miss! I met a lot of people who I still speak with on a daily basis.” – Loes Eijkman, First Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

To make a long story short, the Freshmen’s weekend is epic!” – Alper Kenger, Fourth Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

The Freshmen’s weekend pulls you in your student life. You will make new friends and you get to know the VSV which is a lot of fun. Finding new friends and looking which of the committees of the VSV you might want to do.” – Pepijn Scholten, Third Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering

I think the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ is the ideal combination for someone who doesn’t want to have obligations, but wants to experience a joyful and active studentship.” – Mats Dirkzwager, Third Year’s Student Aerospace Engineering