About the Freshmen Weekend

Plan your holidays well and attend the Freshmen Weekend!

We want to urge that the Freshmen Weekend is a weekend full with fun activities, aiming to make new friends and that you will in no way be hazed or humiliated in person as is common as an introduction ritual at fraternities/sororities!

During the weekend, we have a wide range of activities organised for you! To give you an idea of what we are going to do, we have made a small selection

                  • Crazy 38: Challenges across the city centre of Delft.
                  • Sports afternoon: Play various sports against other mentor groups.
                  • Beer Cantus: Sing along to well-known songs while enjoying some beers or soda’s!
                  • Party with a live band: This year’s band is yet to be announced..
                  • Committee day: Get to know all the committees and departments of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ while playing minigames!

Study assocation VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’

The Freshmen Weekend is organised by the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, which stands for the Society of Aerospace Engineering Students ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. Founded in 1945, it has grown into a mature society with approximately 2300 members and more than 200 active member who are part of several committees and departments, the VSV is the largest society of its kind in the Benelux. The association is supervised by a board consisting of seven aerospace students, who have put their studies on hold to fully dedicate themselves to the society.

During the year, the committees and departments organise many excursions, lectures, parties, diners and drinks. The Society of Aerospace Students offers an excellent possibility to her members to get acquainted with the business segment of the Aerospace sector, for example during the study tour or during the annual organized symposium. Besides this, the Society of Aerospace Students has several quality control groups, which aim to improve the quality of the education provided. Also, every year a yearbook is published and four times a year the Leonardo Times appears.

Freshmen Weekend and OWEE?

Besides our Freshmen Weekend, you might get an invitation for the OWee. This might get a little confusing, so we will shortly explain the difference.

The Freshmen Weekend is an introduction weekend organized by students from Aerospace Engineering. During this weekend you will be introduced to your study and the study society VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. Furthermore, you get change to meet and connect with other Aerospace Freshmen. This weekend is  mainly focused on Aerospace Engineering.

The OWee (OntvangstWeek) is an event organised by students from different faculties in Delft in corporation with a lot of student societies. During this event you get know the city itself and all different types of societies that Delft has to offer, such as fraterneties/sororities, but also sports and culture societies. Students from the whole TU Delft participate in this event. For more information, go to owee.nl. The VSV is not involved in the OWee, but we advise you to participate in both the Freshmen Weekend and OWee to get the best introduction to your student life!