Please note when registering:

          • Please let us know in the remarks whether there are any things we need to take into account (allergies, vegetarian, medical condition).
          • Fill in the number of your identification document (passport/ID) correctly, and bring this same document with you on the Freshmen weekend. If you forget it, you might not be able to join our most epic activity!
          • Food and drinks for the weekend are provided, except consumptions for the parties that will take place in the evening. You can buy consumption coins for the parties when registering if you like, this will save you a lot of time on the first evening.
          • If you are an international student moving to the Netherlands and cannot arrange a sleeping mat and bag in time, let us know and we can rent you one.

 The deadline for registration was August 8th, 23:59 CEST. Unfortunately you cannot register anymore.