for the Freshmen Weekend

The registration for this event has been closed!

Please note when registering:

  • Fill in the number of your identification document (passport/ID) correctly, and bring this same document with you on the Freshmen weekend. If you forget it, you might not be able to join our most epic activity!
  • Following the link will bring you to a page which will be called: “Opening Week 2019 – Register”. That is the right page, on which you can sign up for both the OWee and the Freshmenweekend. (Of course you do not have to register for both, but you should as together they will give you the best introduction to your student life here in Delft!)
  • Food and drinks for the weekend are provided, except consumptions for the parties that will take place in the evening. You can buy consumption coins for the parties when registering if you like, this will save you a lot of time on the first evening.
  • If you are an international student moving to the Netherlands and cannot arrange a sleeping mat and bag in time, let us know and we can rent you one. Please only ask for this if you really are unable to bring one because of the limited amount of sleeping mats and bags.
  • By registering you automatically accept the terms & conditions which you can find below!
  • The registration deadline will be the 9th of August!
  • If you have any questions about registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.


for your Freshmen year

The best way to start your year is attending the Freshmen Weekend, and next to that not having to worry about what books you need and where to buy them! The VSV solves this for you by providing a Freshmen book package, containing all the titles you will need for the first semester of the first year, which you can order online.

In order to study your courses the lecturers require or recommend you to have certain literature. The Society of Aerospace Engineering Students – VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ – is in close contact with the lecturers about what literature you need, and offers these books at the lowest prices. If you are unsure about which books are required, please consult the academic course guide on

We do not make any profit off the booksale, but want to provide you with the best study material possible at the most cheap and accessible way possible. The VSV bookstore is located on the first floor of the highrise of the faculty building next to the VSV board room.