How to install Microsoft teams

August 21th 2020 09:00








Step 1

Go to and fill in your [email protected] Click on the password field.


Step 2

When you click on the password field it will take you to a new page from the TU Delft.
Fill in your NetID password here.


Step 3

You will be logged in to the Office 365 environment. Click on the Microsoft Teams app.


Step 4

This will redirect you to a page where you can download the Teams desktop app.

Click on the ‘Get the Windows app’ button to get the app.


Step 5

 When it is downloaded click on the installer to finish the download.


Step 6

The desktop app wil open and ask you to log in one last time with your [email protected] and your
NetID password.


Step 7

Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams here!


If you have any problems or questions regarding the installing of Microsoft Teams contact us at:

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