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Welcome to The freshmen weekend of aerospace engineering

August 21th 2020 09:00








Registration open now!

You can buy your ticket for the Freshmen Weekend 2020 on the OWee website. 

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The Freshmen Weekend will take place online from 21-08-2020 to 22-08-2020.

About the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’

Established in 1945, the Society of Aerospace Students ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, has grown into a mature society. It organizes many activities for its members, more than 95% of all students at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Currently there are approximately 2300 members, making the Society of Aerospace Engineering Students the largest society of its kind in the Benelux. The Society aims to serve the interests of aerospace students in all aspects of student life. Since 1945, this has been achieved by organizing a wide variety of activities.

About the Freshmen Weekend

The best way to start your career as an Aerospace student is joining the Freshmen Weekend! This amazing event will start on the 21th of August. During this online event you will make friends and learn everything about our society. Sign in via the OWee website!

About the Freshmen Weekend Committee

We are 9 Aerospace students determined to give you an amazing lift-off into your first year as an Aerospace student!

Max Minnema



Sven Kramer



Aman Singhvi


Ties Hollander

Commissioner of Logistics

Bram Buijvoets

Commissioner of Program


Alune Greeve

Commisioner of Inventory

Freek Kunz

Commissioner of Acquisition

Tessa Mennink

Qualitate Qua

Nikki Kamphuis

Qualitate Qua



Got any questions?

Call: +31152787397

E-mail: [email protected]