During the weekend there is a variety of large group activities with all the freshman, activities with your own mentor group and free time where you can do whatever you like!

There are also moments where people explain things about the study, the association, the Dutch culture or the city of Delft! 

This way we try to prepare you as best as possible for all the new experiences that await you!


There are old, current and new board members present on the terrain in a traditional Dutch ceremonial outfit. The board of the VSV are 7 students that take a full year off from their studies to run the association and organize social, career and educational related events for all Aerospace Engineering students!

They are always down for a chat, so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you have!

During the weekend, you will be placed in a group of your peers with who you will do a lot of activities. Each group will get two mentors assigned to them, who are current 1st or 2nd year students of Aerospace Engineering. They will be there to anwer all your questions and guide you through the weekend.

In the evenings, the Freshman Weekend Committee organises parties. One evening we always have a cantus! A cantus is a sing-along party, traditional to Dutch student culture. They also organise alternative activities for the people who like a calmer evening!