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Meet the Freshmen Weekend Committee! 

The Freshmen Weekend 2024 is organised by the Freshmen Weekend Committee. We are 8 second year Aerospace students and 1 board member of the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ determined to give you an amazing lift-off into your first year as an Aerospace student! We have been working throughout the year to organise a fantastic weekend! 

Eva Groothuijs


Hi! I’m Eva and I’m the chairwoman of the Freshmen Weekend committee. My main task is to maintain the overview of the committee, make sure that all committee members do their tasks and help out wherever I can. I really look forward to meeting you all and to give you an amazing start as a new Aerospace Engineering student!

I love music, so feel free to come by during the weekend with song recommendations!

Robin van Holten


Hey! My name is Robin, I am the secretary of the Freshmen Weekend committee. I document all meetings and decisions, and my task is to keep a clear overview of what is going on at all times. I am also in charge of our email. This means I will be your main contact person, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have! I cannot wait to see you all at the freshmen weekend.

A fun fact about me is that I am a real sports freak. So you are more than welcome to come up to me during the weekend and have a nice talk about any sport!

Kristian Nieuwenhuize


Hi, I’m Kristian and the treasurer of the Freshman Weekend Committee this year.
I’m responsible for the finances of the weekend and my goal is to ensure everything
we have and do at the weekend gets the most out of our budget as possible.
I look forward to meeting you all and to give you a great start as a new Aerospace student!

A fun fact about myself is that I am the best at giving high-fives from the committee, so come by during the weekend for an exclusive high-five.

Lotte van Haeringen

Commissioner of Logistics

Hi, I’m Lotte and I am the commissioner of logistics for this year’s freshmen weekend. My job is to write out detailed overviews of who is doing what during these few days, and to ensure we stay on track. You might catch me running around the field to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Fun fact: I have played field hockey for the last 12 years, so if you are also a hockey enthusiast don’t hesitate to walk up to me during the weekend to talk about it!


Isabel Akkerman

Commissioner of Program

Hi there! I am Isabel and I am the Commissioner of Program of this year’s EJW. As the first international student to be on the committee in over 6 years, my responsibilites entail organising activities to bring everyone together and start their studies in the most fun way. I am looking forward to meeting you all at the freshmen weekend!

A couple amusing facts are that I love wildlife and I am ironically scared of heights. Don’t hesitate to tap me on the shoulder during the weekend for some crazy safari stories!

Ronald Asedoeba

Commissioner of Inventory

Hey, I’m Ronald and the commissioner of inventory for the Freshmen Weekend Committee. I make sure we have everything we could need during the weekend and that everything is where it should be. So if something is missing you can get angry at me!

Fun fact about me, I’ve been playing basketball for the past five years now, and even though I’m only 1.65m I still manage.

Juan van Konijnenburg

Commissioner of Acquisition

Hey, I am Juan. I am the commissioner of acquisition. My job as commissioner of acquisition is to find fun and interesting companies that can partner with us to make this the best freshmen weekend possible.

A fun fact about me is that I saw the Barbie movie three times last summer.

Kyra Woltjer

Commissioner of P&O

Hello there! My name is Kyra and I am the commissioner of Personnel and Organization in this years EJW’cie! As commissioner of P&O, my main responsibility is making sure all the volunteers have clear schedules for each day and they know what they have to do. Furthermore, I’m also in charge of the artists for the parties and for first aid during the weekend.

A fun fact is that before I studied aerospace engineering, I studied industrial design for a year. I thought I wanted something more technical.


Marieke Breddels

Qualitate Qua

Hi! I am Marieke and this year I am the Qualitate Qua of the Freshmen Weekend Commmittee. I am currently taking a gap year to do a fulltime board year for the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. We work hard to make sure you can enjoy the best start of your student career in Delft!

Next Freshmen weekend will actually be my fourth Freshmen weekend and we will make sure this one will be the best one so far! 🙂

Got any questions?

E-mail: [email protected]